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EECS 429 Selected Topics in Quantum Information Science and Technology EECS 432 Advanced Computer Vision EECS 435 Neural Networks EECS 452 Advanced Computer Architecture EECS 453 Parallel Architectures EECS 454 Advanced Communication Networks EECS 454 Advanced Communications Networks EECS 455 Distributed Computing Systems EECS 457 Advanced Algorithms EECS 459 VLSI Algorithmics EECS 467 Parallel and Distributed Database Systems EECS 478 Advanced Digital Communications EECS 479 Nonlinear Optimization EECS 485 Local Area Networks EECS 495 Advanced Algorithms EECS 495 Complexity EECS 495 Scientific Computing EECS 495Combinatorial Optimization Engineering Design and Communications I Engineering Design and Communications II ESAM 411 Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics ESAM 446-1,2,3 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations IEMS 452 Combinatorial Optimization IEMS 457 Integer Programming Linear Algebra and Mechanics Math 220,224,230: Calculus I, II, III Math 234: Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus ME 333: Introduction to Mechatronics ME 381: Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems ME 391: Fundamentals of Control Systems BMD_ENG 250 Thermodynamics MECH ENG 220 Thermodynamics I BMD_ENG 271 Introduction to Biomechanics and BMD_ENG 270 Fluid Mechanics or MECH ENG 241 Fluid Mechanics I MAT SCI 201 Principles of the Properties of Materials BMD_ENG 220 Introduction to Biostatistics IEMS 303 Statistics I MECH ENG 359 Reliability Engineering BMD_ENG 101: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering BIOL SCI 215: Genetics and Molecular Biology  CHEM 210-1: Organic Chemistry EECS 303: Advanced Digital Logic Design EECS 307: Communications Systems EECS 308: Advanced Electromagnetics and Photonics EECS 321: Programming Languages EECS 322: Compiler Construction EECS 325 Artificial Intelligence Programming EECS 328: Numerical Methods for Engineers EECS 332: Digital Image Analysis EECS 333: Introduction to Communications Networks EECS 336: Design and Analysis of Algorithms EECS 337 Introduction to Semantic Information Processing EECS 338 Practicum in Intelligent Information Systems EECS 339 Introduction to Database Systems EECS 343: Operating Systems EECS 344 Design of Computer Problem Solvers EECS 346: Microprocessor System Design EECS 347-1, 347-2: Microprocessor System Projects EECS 347-1: Microprocessor System Projects EECS 347-1: Microprocessor Systems Design Projects EECS 347-2: Microprocessor Systems Projects EECS 348 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence EECS 349 Machine Learning EECS 350: Introduction to Computer Security EECS 351 Introduction to Computer Graphics EECS 353: Digital Microelectronics EECS 354 - Network Penetration and Security EECS 355 ASIC&FPGA Design EECS 355: ASIC and FPGA Design EECS 357: Introduction to VLSI CAD EECS 358: Introduction to Parallel Computing EECS 359: Digital Signal Processing EECS 360 Introduction to Feedback Systems EECS 361: Computer Architecture EECS 362: Computer Architecture Projects EECS 363 Digital Filtering EECS 368/468: Programming Massively Parallel Processors with CUDA EECS 368: Programming Massively Parallel Processors with CUDA EECS 371 Knowledge Representation EECS 374 Introduction to Digital Control EECS 378: Digital Communications EECS 379: Lasers and Coherent Optics EECS 380: Wireless Communications EECS 381: Electronic Properties of Materials EECS 382: Photonic Information Processing EECS 383: Fiber-Optic Communications EECS 384: Solid State Electronic Devices EECS 385: Optoelectronics EECS 386: Computational Electromagnetics and Photonics EECS 388 Microelectronic Technology EECS 388: Nanotechnology EECS 389 Superconductivity and its Applications EECS 390: Introduction to Robotics EECS 391 VLSI Systems Design EECS 391: Introduction to VLSI Design EECS 391: VLSI Systems Design EECS 392: VLSI Design Projects EECS 392: VLSI Systems EECS 392: VLSI Systems Design Projects EECS 393/493 High Speed Integrated Circuits BME 317: Biochemical Sensors BME 325: Medical Imaging BME 327: Magnetic Resource Imaging BME 333: Modern Optical Microscopy and Imaging BME 383: Cardiovascular Instrumentation BME 384 Biomedical Computing BME 402 Advanced Systems Physiology BME 402 Systems Physiology Computational Methods and Linear Algebra Differential Equations Dynamic System Modeling EECS 111: Fundamentals of Computer Programming I EECS 203: Introduction to Computer Engineering EECS 205: Fundamentals of Computer System Software EECS 211: Fundamentals of Programming EECS 212: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science EECS 213: Introduction to Computer Systems EECS 214: Data Structures and Data Management EECS 221 Programming Languages EECS 221: Fundamentals of Circuits EECS 222: Fundamentals of Signals and Systems EECS 223: Fundamentals of Solid-State Engineering EECS 224: Fundamentals of Electromagnetics and Photonics EECS 225: Fundamentals of Electronics EECS 230: Programming for Engineers EECS 250: Physical Electronics and Devices EECS 302: Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals EECS 393/493: Design and Analysis of High-Speed Integrated Circuits EECS 395: Introduction to the Theory of Computation EECS 398: Electrical Engineering Design EECS 399: Project EECS 401 Fundamentals of Electronic Devices EECS 402 Advanced Electronic Devices EECS 403 Quantum Semiconductors EECS 404 Quantum Electronics EECS 405 Advanced Photonics EECS 406 Nonlinear Optics EECS 407 Quantum Optics EECS 408-1 Classical Electrodynamics EECS 408-2 Computational Electrodynamics EECS 409 Semiconductor Lasers EECS 410 System Theory EECS 418 Advanced Digital Signal Processing EECS 420 Digital Image Processing EECS 421 Multimedia Signal Processing EECS 422 Random Processes in Communication and Control I EECS 422 Random Processes in Communications and Control I EECS 423 Random Processes in Communications and Control II EECS 424 Noise and Fluctuation in Physical/ Engineering Systems EECS 425 Quantum Electronics II–Noise, Modulation, and Quantum Properties of Laser EECS 426 Signal Detection and Estimation EECS 427 Optical Communications EECS 428 Information Theory BMD ENG 301: Systems Physiology BMD ENG 302: Systems Physiology BMD ENG 303: Systems Physiology BMD ENG 305: Intro to Biomedical Signals and Electrical Circuits BMD ENG 306: Biomedical Systems Analysis BMD ENG 307: Quantitative Experimentation and Design BMD ENG 350: Transport Fundamentals BMD ENG 390-1: Biomedical Engineering Design BMD ENG 390-2 or BMD_ENG 391-SA: Biomedical Engineering Design BMD_ENG 317: Biochemical Sensors BMD_ENG 325: Introduction to Medical Imaging BMD_ENG 327: Magnetic Resonance Imaging BMD_ENG 333: Modern Optical Microscopy and Imaging BMD_ENG 343: Biomaterials and Medical Devices or MSE 370: Biomaterials BMD_ENG 344: Biological Performance of Materials BMD_ENG 346: Tissue Engineering BMD_ENG 349: Bioregenerative Engineering BMD_ENG 366: Biomechanics of Movement BMD_ENG 371: Mechanics of Biological Tissues BMD_ENG 377: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics MSc 331 Soft materials MSc 340 Ceramic Processing MSCI 370 Biomaterials Phys 135: 2,3 General Physics ME 317,318: Molecular Modeling & Interface to Micromechanics I and II ME 319,320: Applications of Surface Science to Nanomechanics and Nanotribology I and II ME 341: Computational Methods for Engineering Design ME 346: Introduction to Tribology ME 359: Reliability Engineering CEE 415: 1,2 Elasticity I and II CEE 417: Continuum I and II CEE 426-1: Advance Finite Element Methods I CEE 426-2: Advance Finite Element Methods II ME 379, 478: Combustion ME 416: Non-Destructive Evaluation ME 420: Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Dynamics ME 420: Micro-/Nano-scale Fluid Dynamics I ME 421: Design and Analysis of Microfluidic Systems ME 421: Micro-/Nano-scale Fluid Dynamics II ME 422: Statistical Mechanics for Applications ME 422: Micro-/Nano-scale Fluid Dynamics III ME 423, 424: Computational Fluid Dynamics ME 423, 424: Computational Fluid Dynamics, I and II ME 425: * Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics ME 426-1: Advanced FEM II ME 426-2: Comp. Mech. II ME 427: Viscous Fluid Dynamics ME 428: Compressible and Inviscid Fluid Dynamics ME 429: Turbulent Flows ME 432: Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering ME 433: Advanced Mechatronics ME 433: Advanced Mechatronics* ME 434: Random Data and Spectral Analysis ME 439: Computer Control in Manufacturing ME 441: Engineering Optimization for Product Design and Manufacturing ME 442: Metal Forming ME 443: Metal Cutting ME 445: Micromanufacturing 106: 1,2 Design Thinking and Communication and Writing in Special Contexts BME 343 Biomaterials and Medical Devices BME 344 Biol. Performance of Materials BME 366 Biomechanics of Movement BME 371 Mechanics of Biological Tissues CEE 216: Mechanics of Materials Chem 101, 102: General Inorganic Chemistry EECS 221: Fundamentals of Circuits EECS 325 Artificial Intelligence Programming EECS 332 Digital Image Analysis EECS 348 Intro to Artificial Intelligence EECS 349 Machine Learning EECS 360 Introduction to Feedback Systems EECS 390 Introduction to Robotics EECS 495 Machine Learning & AI for Robots Gen Eng 205: 1,2,3,4 Engineering Analysis IEMS 305 Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement IEMS 307 Quality Improvement by Experimental Design Math 220, 224, 230: Calculus Math 234: Multiple Integration and Vector Calculus MatSci 201: Principles of the Properties of Materials ME 202: Mechanics II ME 220: Thermodynamics ME 224: Experimental Engineering I ME 233: Electronics Design ME 240: Intro. to Mech. Design and Manufacturing ME 241: Fluid Mechanics I ME 314: Theory of Machines - Dynamics ME 315: Theory of Machines - Design of Elements ME 327: Finite Elements for Stress Analysis ME 333 Mechatronics ME 340: Computer Integrated Manufacturing ME 341 Computational Methods for Engineering Design ME 346 Introduction to Tribology ME 359 Reliability Engineering ME 362: Stress Analysis ME 363: Mechanical Vibrations ME 365 Finite Elements for Stress Analysis ME 366 Finite Elements for Design and Optimization ME 370: Thermodynamics II ME 373 Engineering Fluid Mechanics ME 377: Heat Transfer ME 390: Introduction to Dynamic Systems ME 398-1: Engineering Design I ME 398-2: Engineering Design II MSc 317 Materials in Manufacturing MSc 318 Materials Selection ME 446: Advanced Tribology ME 448: Flexible Automation and Robotics ME 449: Robotic Manipulation ME 450: Geometry in Robotics ME 451: Micromachining ME 453: Micro Systems Design ME 454: Optimal Control of Nonlinear Systems ME 460: Advanced Engineering Dynamics ME 465: Wave Propagation ME 466: Inelastic Constitutive Relations ME 489: Protein Dynamics ME 489: Selected Topics in Cellular-Level Transport ME 495: Advanced Topics in Nanotechnology ME 497: (0.5 credits) Rapid Product Innovation, Intellectual Property in ME 499-1: MEMS Microfabrication ME 499-2: MEMS/Nano Instrumentation ME 499-3: Nanofabrication Methods I MECH_ENG 414-1: Mechanics of Composite Materials I MECH_ENG 416: Computational Nanodynamics MECH_ENG 417: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Mechanics I MECH_ENG 418: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation in Fluid Mechanics 341 Dynamics and Control of Chemical and Biological Processes 342 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 345 Process Optimization 351 Process Economics, Design, and Evaluation 352 Chemical Engineering Design Projects 355 Chemical Product Design 361 Introduction to Polymers 364 Chemical Processing and the Environment 365 Sustainability, Technology, and Society 371 Transport Phenomena in Living Systems 375 Biochemical Engineering 377 Bioseparations 379 Computational Biology: Principles and Applications 390 Personal and Organizational Effectiveness 395 Special Topics in Chemical Engineering 404 Advanced Thermodynamics 406 Selected Topics in Thermodynamics 408 Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design 409 Advanced Reactor Design 410 Principles of Heterogeneous Catalysis 421 Fluid Mechanics 422 Heat and Mass Transfer 438 Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Dynamics 451 Applied Molecular Modeling 462 Viscoelasticity and Flow in Polymer Systems 463 Polymerization Reaction Engineering 472 Interfacial Phenomena and Bionanotechnology 475 Cell-Material Interactions 477 Bioseparations CHEM 210-1 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 210-2 Organic Chemistry II CHEM ENG 212 Phase Equilibrium and Staged Separations CHEM ENG 275 Molecular and Cell Biology for Engineers* CHEM ENG 307 Kinetics and Reactor Engineering CHEM ENG 322 Heat Transfer CHEM ENG 323 Mass Transfer CHEM ENG 341 Dynamics and Control of Chemical and Biological Processes CHEM ENG 342 Chemical Engineering Laboratory CHEM ENG 351 Process Economics, Design, and Evaluation CHEM ENG 352 Chemical Engineering Design Projects 190 Engineering of Chemical and Biological Processes 210 Analysis of Chemical Process Systems 211 Thermodynamics 212 Phase Equilibrium and Staged Separations 275 Molecular and Cell Biology for Engineers 307 Kinetics and Reactor Engineering 312 Probability and Statistics for Chemical Engineering 321 Fluid Mechanics 322 Heat Transfer 323 Mass Transfer 330 Molecular Engineering and Statistical Mechanics 478 Advances in Biotechnology 479 Cell Culture and Ex Vivo Tissue Engineering 489 Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering Environmental Engrg Apps I: Air & Land Environmental Engrg Apps II: Water Environmental Lab Aquatic Chemistry Sustainability: Issues and Actions, Near and Far Environmental Organic Chemistry Intro Transportation Planning and Analysis Transp Systems Operations Capstone Design Architectural Engrg & Design I: Fundamentals Architectural Engrg & Design II: Intermediate Architectural Engrg & Design III: Advanced UGrad – Experimental Courses Selected Mechanics of Composite Materials I Mechanics of Composite Materials II Theory of Elasticity Mechanics of Continua I Prestressed Concrete Design Stability of Structures Advanced Finite Element Methods 1 (offered jointly with Advanced Finite Element Methods 2 (offered jointly with Introductory Soil Mechanics Fund of Environmental Engrg Professional Devel Seminar Engineering Law Environmental Law and Policy Civil and Environmental Engrg Systems Analysis Uncertainty Analysis In Civil Engrg Bioeochemistry Theory of Structures II Structural Analysis-Dynamics Properties of Concrete Structural Steel Design Finite Element Methods in Mechanics Construction Management Building Construction Estimating Project Scheduling Fluid Mechanics II Foundation Engineering Environmental Microbiology Public and Environmental Health Cohesive Fracture and Scaling Cost Engineering and Control Constr Contracts/Dispute Resolution Environ Transport Processes Chemical Microbial Interactions Processes in Environmental Biotechnology Microbial Ecology Physical/Chemical Processes In Environmental Control Biophysicochemical Processes in Environmental Systems Soil Mechanics 1 Soil Mechanics 3 Engineering Properties of Soils Rock Mechanics Constitutive Models for Soils Transp Systems Analysis I Transp Systems Analysis II Transportation Systems Operations & Control II: Scheduled Modes and Real-time Systems Survey Methods, data and analysis Transp Systems Planning and Management Travel Demand Analysis and Forecasting 1 Evaluation and Decision-making for Infrastructure Sys InfrastrSysAnaly Materials and Methods In Construction SEIM Capstone Pre-design Seminar Structural Engineering and Mechanics Seminar Geotechnics Seminar Environmental Engrg and Science Seminar Transportation Seminar Project Management Seminar


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